Squid proxy installation in windows server

Squid is a caching proxy for the Web supporting HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and more. Squid has variety of uses and advantages such as speeding up web browsing for end user, reduces bandwidth and improves response times by caching and reusing frequently-requested web pages. It also can work as web filtering and can control the browsing traffic.

Squid is based on the Harvest Cache Daemon developed in the early 1990’s. It was one of two forks from the codebase after the Harvest project ran to completion. Continue reading…

Deploying Openstack using Packstack

OpenStack is a set of software tools for building and managing cloud computing platforms for public and private clouds. Mostly deployed as an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). Deploy virtual machines and other instances that handle different tasks for managing a cloud environment on the fly. It makes horizontal scaling easy, which means that tasks that benefit from running concurrently can easily serve more or fewer users on the fly by just spinning up more instances. So we can say OpenStack is the future of cloud computing.

OpenStack began in 2010 as a joint project of Rackspace Hosting and NASA. As of 2016, it is managed by the OpenStack Foundation, a non-profit corporate entity established in September 2012. Backed by some of the biggest companies in software development and hosting like Intel, Redhat, Cisco, Ubuntu etc, as well as thousands of individual community members.

        Packstack is a utility that uses Puppet modules to deploy various parts of OpenStack on multiple pre-installed servers over SSH automatically. Currently only Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Centos are supported. Continue reading…

SmartHost :- Forwarding mails through Postfix server (From Exim)

A “Smart Host” (also known as a relay host) is a type of mail relay server which allows an SMTP server to route e-mail to an intermediate mail server rather than directly to the recipient’s server. This improves the performance of your server and the reliability of your e-mail delivery.

Exim Server (Forwarding Server)

This server will be forwarding all emails to the SmartHost for relay for final delivery. If you are not using cPanel / WHM, then you will simply edit ‘/etc/exim.conf’ instead of using cPanel / WHM’s interface. However, if the server is running cPanel / WHM you must edit the configuration file through the GUI as cPanel / WHM will revert your changes automatically over time.
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