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Cloud Management Services is essential to protect cloud platforms from its vulnerabilities. We monitor and maintain the cloud services so as to ensure high uptime, security and speed. In case of any unscheduled downtime, the services are restored within no time as we provide 24X7 support by employing the best-certified system administrators.

We also make sure that the server is updated with important security patches and take care of optimizing your servers for the best possible performance.You will get the optimized, secure and proactively monitored services for server management, which deliver differentiated and incremental value to your business.

Cloud Management

SupportPRO provides a complete solution for cloud management with:

  • Secured infrastructure setup.
  • Weekly Server Audit on all instance.
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and world wide technical support.
  • Explore and adopt new services from all new cloud provider.
  • Server and Infrastructure scalability based on your pricing.
  • Free migration to new cloud infrastructure.
  • Certified cloud experts.

We only charge you based on the number of instance you have with your cloud provider.

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