Server Abuse Handling

This is scaled down version of dedicated staff plan. The staff is shared between two clients generating higher efficiency for lower cost.. We take care of the following problems, are you facing any of the following problems? Spam Mitigation
Spamming could cause severe reliability issues for a service provider. While un-mitigated inbound spamming leads to loss of business productivity, outbound spamming cause ISPs to black list the server, loss of IP reputation, and frequent downtimes due to high server load.

Inbound spamming

If you get frequent support requests complaining about high spam content in customer mails, it is an indicator that your mail server security might not be adequate. By using tested and verified security settings, we block spam at the connection level for all popular mail servers like Exim, Postfix, Qmail, Mail Enable, etc. Additionally, through a security audit, we locate how exactly a server was exploited, and implement defenses to pre-empt any future spam attacks.

Outbound spamming

Frequent listing of IPs in DNS block lists, complaints from data center about abuse reports, frequent load spikes, delays in mail delivery, etc are common symptoms of a server being exploited for outbound spamming. Outbound spamming can be caused due to vulnerabilities in mail, web, FTP or control panel services. An immediate stop to spamming is achieved by quarantining the exploited account, or killing the spamming script. Additionally, a detailed audit will reveal the vulnerabilities that were exploited to send out spam, which can then be used in a full spectrum security hardening to pre-empt any further spam exploits. The go consult our experts to have a good night sleep and leave all the worries about your infrastructure with us.

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