Server Management

We are headquartered in Deerfield, in the suburbs of Chicago. Armia Systems Inc. has been in the web hosting industry since 2005. SupportPRO.com is part of Armia Systems, Inc., web and mobile development agency.

Our certified tech support staff is working from our NOC in Kochi, India. We are an ISO 9001 2015 certified organization due to our commitment to quality and process.
We have provided web server support to a large number of clients over the years. We realize the importance of offering quality customer support around the clock to our clients, SupportPRO was created out of these insights. SupportPRO understands the complete business processes in the web hosting business. So, we can relate to your needs. We will work with you to understand your specific business requirements and incorporate them into our support process.
We started as a hosting company called Hoststation in 2005. Soon we realized we are better at the technical side of the hosting business than the marketing side. Soon we started offering server management and outsourced technical support for other hosting companies, data centers, and SaaS companies. Our server admin team grew from 2 part timers to around 100 server admins, cloud architects and DevOps expert. In addition we have team of 50 developers and programmers in our team.

Why SupportPRO?

Server Management

We know you have many alternatives when it comes to offering technical support to your client base. So why would you want to select SupportPRO as your partner?
SupportPRO is fully dedicated to providing the best value for your money when it comes to transparent web hosting support. You have dedicated, trained support engineers at your service around the clock without any additional overhead associated with keeping such a team. Our engineers are well versed in the hosting business and its ever-changing technical and business practices. You will receive the full cost advantages of having your team located in a country with a very low cost of living. At the same time, you are working with a US-based company which allows for better communication with you.

SupportPRO server administrators are highly trained and are ready to meet the needs of even the most demanding hosting companies. Most of our administrators are Red Hat certified or Microsoft certified. Here is a non- exhaustive list of our expertise. If you do not see something on this list, please contact the sales team to confirm.

Operating Systems Control Panels Helpdesk / Livechat Software Cloud & Virtualization
Red Hat Fedora LinuxRed Hat Fedora Linux cPanel WHMcPanel & WHM KayakoKayako AWS AWS
CentOS LinuxCentOS Linux Plesk ParellelsPlesk / Parellels CerberuswebCerberusweb Rackspace Rackspace
SUSESUSE H-SphereH-Sphere ModernBillModernBill Google Cloud Google Cloud
DebianDebian EnsimEnsim Parallels suiteParallels suite Vmware Vmware
OpenBSDOpenBSD AlabanzaAlabanza SupportPRO SupportDeskSupportPRO SupportDesk Xen Xen
FreeBSDFreeBSD Web AdminWeb Admin PHPLivePHPLive OpenVz OpenVz
Unix AIXUnix/AIX Direct AdminDirect Admin WHMCSWHMCS
Windows 2000Windows 2000 Servers w/o control panels Any web based chat
Windows 2003Windows 2003 Any hosted helpdesk
Exchange serverExchange server

Typical Server Administration Tasks


  • httpd.conf problems
  • Named problems
  • Stats issues
  • Password protection issues
  • All mime types issues
  • Apache Handler issues
  • All IP blocking issues
  • HostName lookups
  • Hot linking issues


  • Anonymous FTP issues
  • FTP password issues
  • FTP virtual host issues
  • All FTP configurations
  • FTP session controls
  • FTP account creation


  • Creating databases
  • Managing databases
  • DB user creation
  • DB password maintenance
  • Script connectivity issues
  • Database access issues
  • Database configurations
  • SSL issues


  • Mailing list maintenance
  • Auto-responder issues
  • Mailbox permission issues
  • Spam activity control
  • Procmail and forward issues
  • Webmail client setup
  • POP client setup
  • POP authorization config
  • POP and SMTP server issues
  • Sendmail, qmail, Exim Issues


  • Redirect URL issues
  • Domain parking issues
  • Add-on domain issues
  • MX record modification
  • Name server creation


  • CHKRootKit , RootKit Hunter
  • Securing of SSH server
  • APF or CSF firewall
  • Brute Force Detection
  • Secure and Optimize Apache MySQL optimization
  • host.conf hardening
  • nsswitch.conf modification
  • sysctl.conf hardening
  • FTP hardening tmp hardening
  • Mod_Security
  • PHP Tightening

Other Support Provided

  • Installing software/scripts
  • Upgrading software and applying patches
  • Configuration changes
  • Control panel upgrades
  • Log file analysis and interpretation
  • Installing/updating firewalls
  • Installing secure (SSL) certificates
  • Restarting services
  • Rebooting by contacting the data center
  • Monthly server reports
  • DNS issues
  • Backup configuration
  • Kernel upgrades
  • PHP installation/configuration/upgrade
  • Installation of other services
  • Security settings
  • Hardening and tuning of servers
  • Server migration
  • Restoring hacked/compromised servers
  • Restoring failed servers