Linux command to kill a user

skill -STOP -u Username.                 STOP/HALT a user
skill -CONT -u Username                  RESUME already halted user
skill -KILL -u Username                     KILL and LOGOUT user
skill -KILL -v /dev/pts/*                       KILL and LOGOUT all users

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FFMPEG installation Latest

This is the latest steps for installing ffmpeg
tar zxf ffmpeginstaller.5.1.tar.gz
cd ffmpeginstaller.5.1

###Error 1: installation of mplayer failed..cause cannot stat the conf file.
run the steps below
cd /usr/local/cpffmpeg
mkdir -p etc/mplayer
cd /usr/src/ffmpegscript/mplayer

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Booting an ISO through Grub2

Using grub2 we can directly boot an (iso9660) ISO using its loopback option. It provides another nice rescue method – for example when using grml (the Debian based Linux Live-CD for sysadmins. We no longer need to extract kernel and initrd from the ISO to be able to boot it using the isofrom bootoption. So we need to do is put a plain grml ISO to our harddisk.
If we are using grub2 already consider adding an entry like the following to our grub config

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Enabling SSH keys using cPnael

To use SSH keys instead of plain password to login:
1. Logon to WHM and go to Main >> Security >> Security Center
2. Under “SSH Password Auth Tweak” and disable the Password Authentication.
3. Under “Manage SSH Keys” click on Generate new key.
4. Give a Key name and Generate a good password (remember it). Choose KeyType as DSA since it’s more secure than RSA.

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