Issue with removing an email account from cPanel

Sometime you will get the following error message while trying to delete an email account from your cpanel.
The e-mail address deleted successfully.
Sorry, you do not have access to the domain
This mainly occur in two cases.
1. when one domain is changed from add-on domain to main domain or vice-versa.
2. Domain is moved to another users account.
In this case you need to remove the email account from the existing account.

1. Remove the entries from the following files.


2. Remove the directory

Where ‘user’ is the account where the email address of ‘’ exist.

Problem with loading graphics(GUI) with debian based GNU/Linux systems

GNU/Linux provides a tool/command to fix this issue:

‘dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg’ is the command for fixing the Xserver loading problem.


First, log in as a super (or root) user from the console.
Then, run dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg (if you’re on Ubuntu and can’t log in as root, run sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg).
You will see a window/wizard as ‘Configuring xserver-xorg’ , Just accept the default answer and go to the next one.
At the end of the wizard you will be exited from the configuration window/wizard, then just reboot the system your graphics(GUI) loading problem will be fixed.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts were available from long back. Many of us have forgotten that it still exists. It provides email updates, so the latest appropriate Google results (web, news, blog, videos, discussions etc.) based on your search keywords.


When you type query that you like to monitor, you will see a preview of the same.


You can use Google Alerts to:

  • Monitor a unfolding news story
  • Keep updated on your competitor(s) or any industry
  • Get the latest news about events

Article Authored by Rosemary J Thomas
Author, Rosemary J Thomas, is the Business Development Executive with SupportPRO.
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