cPanel’s Site Software Addon Enables WordPress Auto Updates

cPanel’s Site Software disables WordPress auto updates option. We can easily enable this option, for that we need to modify the following files and note that these files were only changed on WordPress sites that were installed using cPanel’s Site Software addon. Ensure to take a backup of these files before making any changes.

=> wp-admin/includes/update.php
=> wp-admin/update-core.php
=> wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader.php
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The Rise & Fall of Shooting Stars

Back in the 90’s, our generation was feeling the impact of the Internet Revolution. We made our way through the destabilizing dot com bubble that filled our heads with new dreams about a connected future. While this was happening, a silent revolution was happening in second and third-world economies. Especially in India.

India was going through a drastic change. The new economic policy of 1991 brought in liberalization of many markets and sweeping globalization. Many industries which were rotting in the public sector was given a new opportunity to flourish. The financial markets started soaring. With the acumen that Indian entrepreneurs possessed, Indian nationals and expatriates begin appearing in the TIME’s list of millionaires.

In the meantime, Indian professionals found a new market and potential source of income. The education system in India produced the right set of people with modern technical skills who could support western commercial infrastructure and their dependence on information technology. The West looked to the new generation of brilliant young engineers to look after their customer service, data entry and support needs. To meet the growing demand, a hub of outsourced technical support companies grew like small mushrooms in and around Bangalore, Mangalore, Chennai, Delhi & especially Cochin.

Web Hosting, a fragmented and quickly expanding online service, was a very lucrative business which most of the early technopreneurs took a serious look into. It was sustainable, recursive and gave higher returns without much upfront investment. However, hosting companies which saw growth on an exponential scale found it very difficult to manage their day to day activities.  The inflow of so many technical support requirements from their growing number of customers was difficult to manage with a quality effort.

The demand curve took a sharp increase with respect to the support needs given by end-clients. The main reason behind this was because most of the customers acquired were first timers. They had no idea of simple things like how to point their domain name to their servers. This particular demand wave was met by budding white-labelled, transparent technical support companies. Today, several companies offer technical support, but few are able to meet the needs of every type of technical requirement.

SupportPRO, a company started in 2004 with a vision to provide the best outsourced transparent technical support never compromised much

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Tips to Speed up WordPress

One of the main issues with hosting a WordPress website is that often it takes more than desirable time to load the home page. Below, a few tips and tricks are being discussed to improve the performance of a WordPress website.

How to Speed up a WordPress website?
Fixing the page load speed of a WordPress website depends on the cause of the issue. This article only discusses the load time from the website’s point of view. The DNS or ISP aspects are not being discussed.

* As a first step, always go for online speed testing services such as Pingdom who will provide a detailed report of the home page loading activity. The speed testing wizard of Pingdom will provide the time taken to load the homepage and the size of the page loaded. Continue reading…