Cloud & Future: Business Intelligence 2.0

The biggest change in the hosting industry during  2017 is going to watch is Rise of Business Intelligence 2.0 boosted by high-performance computing cloud and deep learning algorithms. BI 2.0 is a Hybrid Engine of three parts Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning(ML)  and Deep Learning(DL) of business analytics computing. Artificial Intelligence will help both consumer and enterprise market by delivering autonomous responses by providing simple solutions and problem-solving models. Advanced Machine Learning (ML) will sharpen the embedded intelligence of response performance, efficiency, and effectiveness of introducing new models over periods of time. And Deep Learning will provide knowledge, analytics, trends and business innovations.



Hybrid engine of AI, ML & DL will lead to Business Intelligence 2.0 in the following

  • Existing Supply Inputs
  • Demand-Supply Objectives
  • Precise Resource Demand Graph
  • Prioritising Demand Nodes
  • Optimum Resource Utilization Models

Tactical Programs Analysis of Live Statistics & Control Programs Business Intelligence testing is currently done in various areas like

  • Distribution Channels – WallMart
  • Health Care – Siemens
  • Sports – Nike
  • Banking – Citi Group
  • Share Brocking – NASDAQ
  • Ecommerce  –
  • Beverages – Starbucks

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OpenStack vs AWS : What’s the best fit for your pocket?

Time & Money is the most precious utilities you may call , that entrepreneurs are looking to save while building the next big unicorn in this transforming technology market.
But we always face the question if we should opt for cheaper servers, which cost wise would be on the lower side but the fact is we might be losing on a reasonable development time while using the cheaper option. So we find it very tough to decide while trying out to weigh the odd & even in selecting the right one. We always decide on things mostly based on our experience with it, and here is our take if you should go for AWS or OpenStack.

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