EasyApache 3 to EasyApache 4 Migration Process

EasyApache 3 to EasyApache 4 Migration Process


Easy Apache version 4 introduced by cPanel version 11.52. EasyApache web-based Graphical User Interface helps to configure all the back-end activities. Easy Apache Graphic tool allows you to enable multiple PHP extensions and multi-processing modules. The new user interface allows you to change Apache handlers for the installed PHP versions. We can install a default version of PHP in the server and per host basis.

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How AI and Cognitive Systems Will Impact Your Business and Your Cloud

It’s time to take a quick look into the not-so-distant future. New technologies around cognitive systems and artificial intelligence (AI) are already impacting organizations in a variety of industries. According to IDC, widespread adoption of cognitive systems and AI across a broad range of industries will drive worldwide revenues from nearly $8.0 billion in 2016 to more than $47 billion in 2020.

“Software developers and end user organizations have already begun the process of embedding and deploying cognitive/artificial intelligence into almost every kind of enterprise application or process,” David Schubmehl, research director, Cognitive Systems and Content Analytics at IDC said in a statement. “Recent announcements by several large technology vendors and the booming venture capital market for AI startups illustrate the need for organizations to be planning and undertaking strategies that incorporate these wide-ranging technologies. Identifying, understanding, and acting on the use cases, technologies, and growth opportunities for cognitive/AI systems will be a differentiating factor for most enterprises and the digital disruption caused by these technologies will be significant.” Continue reading…

Super Computing with Block-chain Technology

The constantly increasing need for computing power is driven by the creation, development, and deployment of various processor intensive tasks. In most cases, individuals, businesses, and even academia find it hard to harness increased computing power without making a significant investment in the infrastructure, which could include supercomputers. SONM, a blockchain powered distributed computing platform has a solution that might solve the issue for many.

SONM is a universal fog supercomputer that allows people who are part of the network to contribute unused processing power on their devices and help those who need it. The peer-to-peer network can be used for a range of applications including video, CGI rendering, DNA analysis, complex scientific calculations and even to host websites. Like any other blockchain system, SONM also rewards the community with its namesake crypto tokens for sharing their processing power. Continue reading…