Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Web Hosting Service

Choosing an appropriate web hosting service is a stepping stone to running a successful and a visitor engaging website. Regardless of the type of website you own, a great web hosting service is like the spine that supports and powers the core of your website. Depending upon the requirement, the right kind of web hosting service can provide your website an edge over the competing ones.

Talking about the existing websites which already employ web hosting services, there is always a time for making a change when the business has outgrown it’s existing online presence. During this time, your website will undergo a lot of change to meet this requirement.

What if your website needs to shift its gear to a new web host? How will you know? If you are new to blogging/ website making, how do you make sure that your website/blog stays relevant in the fast-paced online world?

In this blog post, we will be discussing the signs that determine if you need to change your web hosting plan or the web hosting provider, altogether

Business expansion

For obvious reasons, if your business is growing exponentially, your business website will have enhanced requirements as well. As you add newer features to your website in order to provide all kinds of targeted functionalities to your customers, there might be a need of change in your web host provider or the existing plan your website is being hosted on.

A very simple example: You recently started reseller services and now wish to do so through an E-Commerce website. Now, you might be required to move to a more secure web host so that sensitive data is not compromised.

Sudden gush of Traffic and a slow loading website

All website owners want to drive in user traffic to their websites so that they can rank well. However, a sudden surge will lead to a higher bounce rate and an incompetent web host might not be able to handle it well. If this becomes a case with your own website, you must take this as a sign.

That’s a red flag if your usually awesome website suddenly begins to load slowly. This is an indicator that your web host is overcrowded and there are just too many entities sharing the bandwidth and the hosting resources. In such a scenario, your visitors will withdraw themselves from your website and this is something that isn’t very favorable.

This is crucial because if your website takes more than 2-3 seconds to load, site abonnement percentage will spike. Hence, you wouldn’t want an inadequate web host service provider to ruin things for you and your valuable website.

Repetitive Downtime

Also, there are times when your website begins to stay unavailable to the requesting visitors frequently. This occurrence is known as Downtime of your website. This can send out the wrong message regarding the reputation of your online business or E-Commerce business. This is a glaring sign to help you understand that it is time to move to a new web host provider.

Security Concerns

Poor or incompetent web host services are an excellent way of compromising with your website’s security if you really want that to happen. Also, when your website requirement demands an even more secure host, it is better to invest more money and thought into moving to a better-secured provider. For example, if you are moving towards an E-Commerce setup, you will have to be more cautious before investing in a web hosting service. This is so because your website will now be handling sensitive consumer data that isn’t meant to be compromised.

Unsatisfactory customer support

Do you have to put up with a lot of waiting time over a call or an E-mail when you are trying to get things fixed? Do you mostly fix your host issues all by yourself? Has this become a regular drill? There, you said it. You need to move away from pesky and unprofessional web host providers to a new and reliable one so that your website can enjoy professional support assistance in need of critical times.


Choosing the right web host can be a tricky and confusing activity. There are just so many plans that promise so much, at the same time, yet claim to be light on the pocket. In a situation when your website requirements have grown, making this choice can get tougher. So, if you feel that you are now financially well assisted to invest in a better web hosting service that can serve your website right, you better make an informed decision so that you do not end up burning a hole in your pocket, for nothing.

Semantic Signs

If you feel like you can, you probably should move to a new host. If you feel that you need a complete control, don’t sit back and wait.

High Disk Usage with VIRTFS

We have heard a lot about VirtFS disk consumption issues while checking the disk usage in cPanel server. VirtFS in cPanel/WHM is used to allot a jailed shell environment for users who can access the server through SSH. This environment acts as a container for the user and will not allow the user to access other cPanel account’s home directories on the server. Unlike a normal shell, jailed shell environment has increased security and ability to run commands like crontab and passwd which are not allowed in the normal shell environment.

You can enable jail shell access to a cPanel user by logging into WHM and choose the Manage Shell Access option. The directory structure created when a user accesses jail shell is /home/virtfs/user.

The high disk usage issues with VirtFS commonly occurs when any cPanel user which has access to jail shell for his account logins to the shell and fails to properly log out from his session. Since the bind (virtual) mount for his directory are recreated and not properly released, you must not directly remove any files under this folder structure (/home/virtfs/user) because it is hard linked to actual server directory structure and removing these may cause serious issues to the server.

In order to resolve this issue, we must first release the mount point for that user and kill all jailshell processes related to that user. Make sure there are no jailshell processes or mount points for that particular user. Then we must unmount all the files related to that user. After verifying that all mount points for that user are released, we can remove the contents present in the virtfs folder for that user.

Kindly be cautious not to delete the virtfs folder contents since it is hardlinked to the system files and will result in the entire operating system to become unstable. You can always get in touch with the Supportpro team and our expert techs are available 24X7 to handle such tasks with zero data loss.