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7 Benefits of Outsourced Web Hosting Support for your company

by Noyal S
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Creating a website isn’t as challenging as it used to be. People have easy access to domain names, reliable hosting, and robust website builders with which they can create top-quality websites in a matter of hours. These have led to an exponential increase in the number of websites online. According to Siteefy, around 252,000 new websites are made each day globally. That’s about 500 new websites created by the time you finish reading this article. A crazy number, for sure!

Web hosting is one thing that all these websites need- in one form or the other. There is no way in the foreseeable future that this demand will decrease, and that’s why we see the Web Hosting business as an evergreen online opportunity. However, the business model of web hosting is dynamic and changes constantly.

Previously, what separated top web hosting providers were high speed, low latency, pricing, and other technology features such as cPanel or Wordpress integration. With technological advancement, even the smallest providers can now provide such features relatively easily. This has made users look for non-core features such as superior support as their deal-breaker. In fact, nearly 20% of hosting customers who were asked if Web Hosting Support was a crucial factor while choosing their provider, responded positively!

While that may be the case, how can a new hosting provider with a small team effectively implement top-quality hosting support? Doing it in-house is the traditional way to go about it but with a more demanding customer base, this has become a hassle. There is also a need to invest significant time, money and workforce when opting for such a route, and in the initial stages of growth, this might risk compromising core parts of the business. This is where outsourced web hosting support comes as a practical alternative.

In this article, we will tell you 7 benefits of outsourcing your web hosting support for your customers and why it could be the right choice for your business:

7 benefits of outsourcing hosting support

1. Reduce initial investment

If you are starting a web hosting company from scratch, your main priority is probably not building a world-class support team- however crucial it is for your customers. It takes a lot of time and effort to set up and run a support team in-house, not to mention the capital involved. All these should ideally be used on core business aspects such as infrastructure and marketing. This is one of the main reasons why many new hosting companies outsource their support needs.

2. Flexible and 24/7 Support

Keeping your company support system running round the clock becomes a hassle when working with a small team. Most outsourced web hosting support services come with various plans that help you choose the kind of support your company needs and at which times. You can even opt for 24/7 support if you cater to a global customer base.

3. Superior Expertise

When you hire outsourced hosting support, you are effectively bringing on board an experienced team that has worked in the domain for multiple years. You can rest assured knowing that your customers are getting the best support available for their queries in a timely and speedy manner. Compared to in-house hosting support where you have to monitor each employee regularly, outsourced hosting support only needs a proper initial briefing to understand your business and provide quality support to your customers. Having already worked with multiple other hosting companies, they will already know the ins and outs of the business.

4. Business growth and Scalability

With a good focus on the existing infrastructure and marketing, any new hosting provider should be ready for rapid expansion and growth. As you get more customers, the support requirements also increase. An in-house support team would need regular upgradation to keep up with the rising demand – this becomes a constant bottleneck for progress.

Outsourced web hosting support gives immense flexibility in this aspect, as they can be upgraded easily to involve more team members or dedicated options. In the unfortunate situation that you need a downgrade, you can easily opt for it too. In short, you won’t be losing money on non-core departments as your company grows.

5. Customer Feedback Management

One of the ways by which a business grows is by actively collecting feedback from customers after providing support. This can be in terms of the quality of support or difficulties they face with the technology or servers.

Outsourced web hosting support services usually have a well-laid-out feedback mechanism that collects customer reviews right after resolving an issue. This feedback is communicated to the hosting provider and can be used to improve service and provide new upgrades.

6. Multi-lingual Support

If you have a global customer base, having multi-lingual customer service can be a huge deal breaker for your customers in non-English speaking regions. Large outsourced hosting support companies will have operations in multiple countries and will be willing to provide support in different languages upon request.

With countries like the United States already having top-quality hosting providers, you might have to struggle harder for get sustainable amount of customers if you stick to just English-speaking demographics. Your company only stands to benefit from providing similar high-quality hosting in developing countries that are not yet quite strong infrastructure-wise.

7. Competitive Position

High-quality support could be your chance to stand out in an ever-competitive segment. With cloud technology becoming popular, the time when hosting providers needed huge capital to sustain advanced infrastructure is gone. Now even small hosting providers can give customers the same technology quality without spending exorbitant amounts. As the line of technology separation decreases, non-core competencies will stand out when customers pick a hosting for their business. Providing world-class customer support could be your standout value proposition.

Conclusion: Outsourced Web Hosting Support

It is very clear from this article how beneficial outsourced web hosting can be for your business and its customers, especially in the initial stages of growth. If you are looking to outsource your customer hosting support or even your own server tech support, check out our business plans.

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