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 Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS) is a new application that we can use for creating live interactive video experiences. This interactive service may help us to create by just simply pointing your live stream to Amazon IVS, it will help seeing videos around the world within seconds without the help of any video expertise.

The Amazon IVS comes with its SDK.

Why Amazon IVS?

The service allows users to create a low-latency live video for an audience worldwide and let you focus on developing interactive user experiences along with the live video.

Using the Amazon IVS player SDK, user can easily enhance and customize the audience experience and timed metadata APIs allows users to build a strong relationship with audiences on their applications.

Benefits of Amazon IVS

Simple-to-use live video streaming:

By using Amazon IVS, we can create videos within a few clicks. This service includes everything we need for live streaming.

Optimized for live streaming:

Amazon IVS is using the same technology used for power twitch. Amazon IVS provides an excellent streaming service. How this is possible because the streams are receiving and delivering through a global infrastructure. This infrastructure optimized live video ingests.

Build an engaging audience experience:

Because of low latency, the Amazon IVS streams are designed like that. The minimum latency of Amazon IVS is 3 seconds to build any number of live videos from this interactive media.

Easy integration into websites and apps:

Amazon IVS has a build like and can be used on any platform like IOS, Android, etc., with the help of Amazon IVS player SDK. The main feature of the SDK player is that the audience can see the live video with low latency across different platforms without any compromise in video quality.

Features of Amazon IVS

The key features of Amazon IVS are:

  • Quickly Set Up New Live Video Streams:
    The Amazon IVS includes all features that are needed for low latency for live streaming. By using amazon IVS, we can send live videos by using the stream key we have. The users can watch live videos via SDK player on any platform (like iOS, Android) by using the playback URL.
  • Perfect for Live Video Streaming:
    To get low latency, the Amazon IVS found an optimized path with the end user for better and efficient communication. The live stream videos are sent to end-users through a content pipeline which will optimize the video.
  • Timed Metadata API having Low-Latency Live Video:
    In Amazon IVS, the metadata is handled by injecting a simple REST API with metadata. The SDK player uses an event-based interface to retrieve metadata in graphical polls and synchronize components such as live sports and e-commerce functionality.
  • Playback on Different Devices and Networks:
    The amazon IVS converts live videos to a range of video resolutions and bitrates. This adaptive bitrate (ABR) will help us to provide quality live streams across different networks and devices.
  • Multi-Platform Player SDK:
    The Amazon IVS player gives low latency because the SDK is integrated with video.js. It is designed for live video streams, including an adaptive bitrate switching algorithm. This algorithm helps achieve optimal and low latency performance. You can also restrict the video playlist by using playback authorization.
  • Frustration-Free Scale:
    Amazon IVS can cover hundreds of videos at a time. By using Amazon IVS, live stream videos can send to millions of concurrent viewers.
  • Cost-Effective:
    Amazon IVS uses hourly payment depending on how many video inputs we send to it and deliver it to how many audiences.

Amazon IVS cost depends on the duration of live video sent to the service provider and the duration it conveys to the user. Amazon IVS is designed for developers to add live videos for more interactivity in their app without investing in any streaming services.

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