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Ansible Semaphore – A brief Introduction

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Ansible is a multipurpose automation tool that can be used for workflow automation or configuration management. The infrastructure as a coding method of configuration management codifies things like the packages and versions that should be installed on a system and the daemons that should be operating. Automating workflows could involve anything from deploying software to setting up cloud infrastructure.

Ansible is a Python application that uses SSH to run commands on many devices. Ansible is agentless, which makes learning how to use it much simpler. SSH access and Python installed on the essential machines are all that is required. Ansible maps a collection of hosts (from “inventory”) to clearly defined roles using declarative YML “playbooks.” 

What is Ansible Semaphore? Uses, Features and Limitations

A contemporary UI for Ansible is called Semaphore. We can limit access to the deployment system, run Ansible playbooks with ease, and receive notifications when something goes wrong. Semaphore is a responsive web interface for executing Ansible playbooks. Semaphore is written entirely in Go and is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux (x64, ARM, ARM64). Semaphore is an open-source project with clean, well-written code.

The following databases are supported by Semaphore:

  1. MySQL
  1. BoltDB 
  1. PostgreSQL

We can use Semaphore for the following

  1. Create, release, and rollback
  1. Access keys, environments, inventories, and repositories can all be managed.
  1. Run playbooks according to the schedule
  1. Playbooks for group projects
  1. Use the browser to execute playbooks. Semaphore can be used on mobile devices thanks to responsive UI.
  1. Receive alerts when a playbook is run
  1. View complete run logs at any moment.

Features of  Ansible Semaphore

  • Clean and simple UX
  • Free and open source.
  • Simple to install:

Limitations of  Ansible Semaphore

  • The UI allows for the storage and editing of inventories, environment variables, and ssh keys.
  • Absence of premium features ( Although Semaphore provides all the tools required to build a user interface for your Ansible playbooks.)
  • A consistent team and user management service.
  • Offering git-based Playbook repositories

Installation steps for Ansible Semaphore

To install semaphore, we need to install MySQL on the server. Use the below command to install Mysql

$ sudo apt-get -y update

$ sudo apt-get -y install mysql-server

Secure the installation. You will be prompted for the root password when you run this command.

$ sudo mysql_secure_installation

The initializing step is not required if MySQL 5.7 is being used, and it will raise an error that you can ignore.$ sudo mysqld –initialize. Then check if MySQL is running use the below command

$ service mysql status

If not, start the service.

$ sudo service mysql start

Install Semaphore for Ubuntu server  use the below command

Ubuntu uses semaphore_linux_amd64

$ sudo apt-get install -y wget git

$ wget https://github.com/ansible-semaphore/semaphore/releases/download/v2.8.53/semaphore_2.8.53_linux_amd64.rpm

$ sudo mv semaphore_linux_amd64 /usr/bin/semaphore

$ chmod +x /usr/bin/semaphore

$ sudo mkdir -p /opt/data/semaphore

$ sudo chown $(whoami): /opt/data/semaphore

For the first time, initialize the semaphore.

$ semaphore -setup

You must enter the following configurations.

Run by the following command

$ semaphore -config /opt/data/semaphore/semaphore_config.json

Start managing by pointing your browser to port 3000. You can now use Semaphore to write Ansible tasks and roles and deploy them to your servers.

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