PHP 8 Released

PHP is one of the programming languages that are easiest to use and learn, Now PHP 8 has been officially released and its new major update contains a bunch of optimizations and powerful features to the language which allows us to write better code and build more powerful applications. You can install the latest version PHP 8 via EasyApache 4 on a cPanel server but its main requirement is that the server needs to be running CentOS 7 or newer, as PHP 8 does not support on CentOS 6 servers.

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What to choose? Jenkins or Bamboo

Software Engineering concepts of continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment are the main concepts attributed to CI/CD. This enables automation in building, testing and deployment of applications. Though a real CI/CD pipeline is not easy to build the right tools could help to keep it more manageable. In this blog, we compare Jenkins and Bamboo.

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API Testing Automation in AWS


API stands for Application Programming Language, API testing mainly focuses on testing themselves on API directly and also used as a part of integration testing to check the compatibility, security and to verify functional paths, functionality and reliability between two different applications. The whole new generation prefers API instead of GUI testing because it is considered as the most stable interface to do the system under test. API automation can help to increase efficiency and expedite the testing.

Here we emphasize, how to automate the API test using serverless technologies, including AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeBuild, along with Postman.

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