Heroku- Cloud Application Platform


Heroku is a cloud service for hosting your applications. It is a Platform as a service with support for auto-scaling and deployment. It primarily uses Git for deploying applications. It is a cloud-based platform that provides application developers an environment ready to code, test and run an app without needing to worry about the infrastructure details. Continue reading…

AWS CodeDeploy

AWS CodeDeploy is a deployment service that automates application deployments to Amazon EC2 instances and on-premises instances. It helps us to deploy application content such as code, serverless AWS Lambda functions, web and configuration files, packages, scripts, multimedia files, etc. After deploying the application content on a server it is stored in Amazon S3 buckets, GitHub repositories, or Bitbucket repositories. Continue reading…

Phusion Passenger

Phusion Passenger-web server and application server with support for Ruby, Python and Node.js

Phusion Passenger is a free web server and application server with support for Ruby, Python and Node.js. It is designed to integrate into the Apache HTTP Server or the Nginx web server, but also has a mode for running standalone without an external web server.

Phusion Passenger supports Unix-like operating systems, and is available as a gem package, as a tarball, or as native Linux packages.

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