Monitor a Windows service/host from the Nagios Core server [Linux].


NSclient++ is an agent which can be used to monitor Windows devices. Using this agent we can monitor system metrics, services, and processes on the target machine using the Windows Server configuration Wizard. This agent must be installed on the target Windows Machine/Server. In this scenario, Nagios core is installed on a CentOS machine.

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Amazon IVS

 Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS) is a new application that we can use for creating live interactive video experiences. This interactive service may help us to create by just simply pointing your live stream to Amazon IVS, it will help seeing videos around the world within seconds without the help of any video expertise.

The Amazon IVS comes with its SDK.

Why Amazon IVS?

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CentOS 7.x and CentOS 8.x.

CentOS is one of the widely used operating systems nowadays as it offers full control over its highly customizable open-source packages. Due to its reliability and stability, CentOS become a popular choice among operating systems for servers. In every new OS release, it is obvious users expect performance improvements and new features in the new version over the old ones. CentOS officially released CentOS version 8.0 on 24th September 2019 and continues to releases updates and patches. Overall CentOS 7 and 8 are quite similar but CentOS 8 has more updated software and some newer features, major fixes, UI/UX improvements. As you know, CentOS 8 is a replica of RHEL 8 so it avails from its latest features.

Let’s check what are the new features and updates CentOS 8 offers to its users over CentOS 7.

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PHP 8 Released

PHP is one of the programming languages that are easiest to use and learn, Now PHP 8 has been officially released and its new major update contains a bunch of optimizations and powerful features to the language which allows us to write better code and build more powerful applications. You can install the latest version PHP 8 via EasyApache 4 on a cPanel server but its main requirement is that the server needs to be running CentOS 7 or newer, as PHP 8 does not support on CentOS 6 servers.

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