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Canadian Web Hosting, the leading provider of web hosting and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions in Canada, announced today the first beta release of their Customer Intelligence Platform Cloudash™. This platform brings together it’s expanded Hosting as a Service (HaaS) platform with deep insights driven by artificial intelligence

Cloudash™ is an entirely new way to interact with web hosting and cloud hosting services and is built on React using GraphQL. The platform incorporates Canadian Web Hosting’s web hosting services, including Shared Hosting, VPS, Containers, Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage that can be instantly provisioned with a free registered account. React is the same development platform used by leading applications HipChat, Facebook Chat and many others. It delivers proven performance and flexibility for end-users. This is Canadian Web Hosting’s first application built using GraphQL, an open-source data query language that delivers exceptional latency and bandwidth performance. GraphQL incorporates a new microservices architecture, removes the Rest API layer, thereby improving the time for new product updates and makes it easier than ever for customers to write GraphQL queries directly into their applications.

To support end-users, Canadian Web Hosting has added artificial intelligence capabilities to Cloudash™, including deep integration of Watson and AI-driven communication platforms to help customers receive actionable insights and easily understand their data. Customers have the ability to receive real-time insights, regular daily and weekly summaries and ongoing resource audit that help customers understand their usage and how to decrease their overall infrastructure and cloud hosting spend.

“We are excited about our first beta release of Cloudash™ and the takeaways and actionable insights our customers are benefiting from,” said Matt McKinney, Chief Strategy Officer at Canadian Web Hosting. “Whether it is the use of leading-edge artificial technologies or advanced communications, our customers are going to find that our customer intelligence platform delivers real insights including easy to understand reports on their resource usage, quick identification of rogue processes, areas for cost reduction and decreased day-to-day management. Our goal was to make a platform that makes us all smarter and our lives easier.”

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