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Enhancing WordPress Performance with AccelerateWP

by SupportPRO Admin

CloudLinux OS introduces AccelerateWP, a newly unveiled feature tailored for WordPress optimization, seamlessly integrated into the CloudLinux operating system. This feature pack is designed to elevate the performance of websites, offering faster loading times, smoother navigation, heightened security, and advanced functionalities for both service providers and site owners.

AccelerateWP encompasses a set of optimization modules specifically curated for system administrators and website owners. This tool empowers users to pinpoint and resolve performance issues at both server and application levels.

Addressing three prominent challenges identified by suppliers, namely execution-related tickets, customer acquisition barriers, and troublesome conditions, AccelerateWP provides comprehensive solutions right out of the box. It includes a secure Redis fallback for every client on the server, simplifying the identification and swift resolution of sluggish WordPress sites. Noteworthy features of AccelerateWP comprise a user-friendly administrative interface, end-customer notifications, and a charging programming interface for automated functionalities.

Upon activation of AccelerateWP, the suite remains consistently accessible. Users can choose to enable either CDN (Content Delivery Network) or AccelerateWP Premium by opting in, and then initiate the process by clicking “Turn on” to explore the features of AccelerateWP.

Upon activation of the AccelerateWP suite by an administrator, end users gain access to the optimization functions, and  AccelerateWP tab is integrated into their control panel interface.

Activation of the AccelerateWP CDN suite by the administrator grants end users 1 GB of CDN traffic, which can be utilized until the specified limit is reached. Once the 1GB restriction is met, end users are recommended to increase the CDN limit.

Upon activation of the AccelerateWP Premium suite by the administrator, end users will observe the presence of Object Caching, Image Optimization, and Critical CSS capabilities in their interface. However, access to these services is restricted until payment is made through WHMCS or a third-party payment platform.

To integrate CloudLinux with cPanel or Plesk, it’s essential to possess a Solo, Admin, or Shared Pro CloudLinux license.

For free activation of AccelerateWP, execute the following commands in your terminal:

  • Set AccelerateWP suite for universal access:
  • Perform a background scan of the server and activate AccelerateWP on eligible WordPress sites:
  • Verify the activation status:
  • Enable AccelerateWP for all users, granting website owners the ability to manually add plugins

Ensure to follow the specified commands accurately for successful activation and verification of AccelerateWP features.

 AccelerateWP for End Users

An administrator has the authority to grant a set of functionalities to end users within the AccelerateWP tab in CloudLinux Manager, and it is at the discretion of end users to activate these capabilities. The optimization feature becomes accessible to end users once the administrator enables the feature suite, resulting in the appearance of the AccelerateWP tab in their control panel interface.


  • The website must utilize PHP version 7.0 or a more recent version.
  • A WordPress version of 5.4 or later is mandatory.
  • Installation of additional WordPress caching plugins is strictly prohibited.
  • Operating WordPress in Multisite mode is discouraged.

Steps to follow:

Access your cPanel and navigate to the Programs section to initiate the AccelerateWP application.

If you use the Plesk control panel, go to the Websites & Domains area on the left, activate the side panel, and then click to activate the AccelerateWP widget.

Access the AccelerateWP interface by clicking the “Apply” button

To activate the plugin within WordPress, click on “Active.”
The functionality will commence, and the guidance will be implemented after a two-minute delay. Close the window to unveil the active link within the respective table cell.

The plugin will be installed shortly. After logging into the WordPress Admin, you can find AccelerateWP in the list of installed plugins.

Page caching will be enabled by default.
Click on “Settings” below the plugin name to access the plugin’s settings page, allowing you to review and make any necessary adjustments.

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