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Icinga2 for CentOS7

by Bella

Icinga is a fork of Nagios monitoring system. There are lots of changes and upgrades compared to Nagios, especially in version 2. The main visible difference is UI which is built on ext js. Other significant differences are in hosts and services definitions. Icinga2 designed to monitor large complex environments.


We need to make sure to install a LAMP stack and epel repository on the CentOS7 server for other dependency application which will support icinga2 . Icinga2 will collect the service information based on the monitoring plugins, so we need to install nagios plugins. Also, we should install IDO modules for MySQL which will use for Icinga2 Web interface and other web interfaces. Then set up MySQL database (create icinga DB and import Icinga 2 IDO schema into the database).  Web interfaces and other icinga addons are able to send commands to Icinga2 through the external command pipe, for that we need to set up external command pipe.

Setup Icinga Web 2 Interface

  • Navigate your browser to http://localhost/icingaweb2/setup or http://IP-Address/icingaweb2/setup or http://Domain-Name/icingaweb2/setup which will launch Icinga Web 2 setup wizard and past the Generate Authenticate token, then hit Next button to move forward.

  • Module Selection By default Monitoring module selected which is the core module for icingaweb. Simple hit Next button.
  • Mandatory Package This is an important screen, We need to install all required packages, If you see any package showing Red & Green color.

from default timezone#

#nano -w /etc/php.ini

date.timezone = ‘Asia/Kolkata’

systemctl httpd service.restart

  • After installing missed packages restart the apache web service and hit Refresh button. Now, we can see all the packages are installed, the next step by hitting the Next button.
  • Authentication Choose the Authentication type, Here we are going to use the database as an authentication method.
  • Entering Database details for Icinga Web 2 We are going to create the new database for Icinga Web 2, Just fill the Database Name, Database User Name and Database password then hit Validate Configuration button. Validation successful hit Next button.
  • Creating a database for Incinga Web 2 Enter your MySQL root User Name and its password to create new icingaweb2 Database on your system. Then hit Next button.
  • Authentication Backend Choose the icingaweb2 database for backend authentication because we have already selected database for Authentication method. Then hit Next button.
  • Administrator Account Creation. Create Administrator Account to manage Icinga2. Then hit Next button.
  • Application Configuration Choose the appropriate options to adjust all application and logging related configuration options to fit our needs.
  • We have successfully configured Icinga Web 2. Then hit Next button.
  • Welcome Screen for monitoring module configuration. Then hit Next button. This is the core module for Icinga Web 2. It offers various status and reporting views with powerful filter capabilities that allow you to keep track of the most important events in your monitoring environment.
  • Monitoring Backend Choose the Backend Name & Backend Type which will use to retrieve the monitoring information.
  • Enter Monitoring IDO Resource Enter IDO MySQL Database information which was created earlier. If you forget it, open the /etc/icinga2/features-available/ido-pgsql.conf file and add it. Validate successfully, hit Next button.
  • Command Transport Choose the command file to send the monitoring instance notification.
  • Monitoring Security To secure your environment against attack, we need to add some commands.
  • Monitoring Module installed Successfully We have successfully installed and configured Monitoring Modules.
  • Icinga Web 2 Successfully Installed Congratulations, we have successfully installed and configured Icinga Web 2 Interface.
  • Icinga Web 2 Login Screen, log in with administrator username and password.

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