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MariaDB SkySQL : Overview

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Due to the fact that MariaDB SkySQL is a DBaaS offering, it is a fully-managed database service that is administered via a cloud service using the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Keep in mind that the database MariaDB offers is not the community edition. In actuality, MariaDB Enterprise Server and MariaDB ColumnStore are involved (or both).

The advantages of adopting this solution over Amazon RDS or Microsoft Azure Database’s MariaDB services offerings are versioning (SkySQL assures users are on the most recent product release), as well as having analytics, and transactional functionality.

Integrated with its DBaaS is a configuration manager, monitoring with real-time metrics and graphs, and a workload analysis that shows off its machine learning service that identifies changes in workload patterns for preemptive resource scaling and service consistency. The more ardent users of MariaDB enterprise products will find MariaDB SkySQL to be an alluring product.

Features of MariaDB SkySQL

MariaDB SkySQL boasts the entire capability of the MariaDB Platform, mixing different types of their databases for transactions (typical setup for OLTP), analytics or data warehousing (OLAP), or if a hybrid arrangement is required (combination of transactional and analytical database)

Transactions: Read/write splitting and automatic failover are configured and enabled out of the box for transparent load balancing and high availability, and the system has been optimized for quick transaction processing on persistent block storage.

Analytics: Columnar data on inexpensive object storage combined with multi-threaded query processing is optimized to conduct ad hoc queries on billions of rows without indexes, making it ideal for cloud data warehousing/analytics.

Hybrid or Both: Create modern applications by enhancing transactions with real-time analytics, which are optimized for smart transaction processing in the cloud and save data as rows on persistent block storage and as columns on object storage.

The Stack Availability

In order to give top-notch services to clients and consumers, the SkySQL platform is designed with service reliability in mind. The platform must constantly fail, no matter how stable it is, in order to assess the product’s resilience and how quickly it can become accessible in the event of an outage, as well as to lower the RPO (Recovery Point Objective). They utilize Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for infrastructure, and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), a GCP component, is heavily utilized for services. This has significant implications for the platform itself because MariaDB SkySQL services run in Kubernetes-powered containers. With numerous availability zones within a region, it can provide the resilience of regional GKE clusters. It gains Kubernetes’ auto-healing capabilities as well as GCP’s strong SLA escalation at 99.5% uptime.

Major Advantages of SkySQL

  • SkySQL services are multi-cloud and may be launched on AWS or GCP.SkySQL managed services include nightly backups, upgrades, and monitoring.
  • supported by engineers and professionals at MariaDB Corporation
  • It is customizable and offers a variety of instance sizes and service options.
  • HIPAA and GDPR compliance, encryption, and security by design

Various Transactions:

  • Strong stability and high performance to support heavy workloads  
  • Scalability with scale-out to increase capacity and scale-in to decrease the workload    
  • Data is automatically repaired and protected via fault tolerance, which accepts both single node and single zone failures.

Languages and Clients Supported

       The majority of current programming languages and clients that can connect to MariaDB or MySQL databases are compatible with SkySQL services.

  • DBeaver
  • MariaDB Connector/J and Java
  • Using Node.js with the MariaDB Connector
  • PHP with MySQL or PDO MYSQL
  • Python paired with the MariaDB Connector

MariaDB SkySQL usage and price

You only need to register through the SkySQL home page. Log in if you already have an account. You must enter your payment information, including your credit or debit card, although you can get more details by getting in touch with them.

SkySQL services

Additionally, it provides a cost breakdown depending on the type of instance you choose. See below:

SkySQL standalone primary

Then indicate the amount of the transaction storage and the number of replicas, followed by the service name, as shown below:

SkySQL price

Because it uses Google Cloud Platform to run on the cloud, it essentially uses Google Cloud resources like block storage and its performance. When it’s up, your Dashboard will appear like this:

SkySQL all service health

You can manage your database more effectively by clicking the newly introduced service. provide the categories of IP addresses needed to connect to or access the database server. You can connect and update the password by clicking the Show Credentials button, which will also provide you access to information about your account, password, and certificate authority chain.

MariaDB SkySQL Log files

Log of Enterprise Audit:

      Database activities and access are recorded in the MariaDB Enterprise Audit logs:

  • Changes to the audit settings are logged.
  • Filters specify what data is logged, minimizing extra output.
  • The system fails safely by recording everything if filter definitions are incorrect.

Error logs

Important database server output relating to configuration and operation is recorded in error logs.

MaxScale Logs

The MariaDB MaxScale load balancer and SQL router are configured and run, and significant output is recorded in MaxScale Logs

Slow Query Logs:

According to logging regulations, slow query logs keep track of problematic database requests.

Despite the fact that MariaDB SkySQL is a brand-new service, upgrades are likely to be made soon. This is a nice move by MariaDB because it allows people to access the enterprise level at a competitive price rather than just the platforms that are available in the community. 

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