Online Backup Service features & selecting the best option

Online data backup is just as the name implies data is backed up to a remote location over a networked connection, mostly using TCP/IP standard protocol of the internet. With an online backup service, important data is transmitted over the internet and securely stored on a server. Most online backup systems run on schedule, usually when the computers arent in use (nights mostly). It collects, compresses, encrypts and transfers the data to a secured, remote backup server or off site hardware.

Some key features of an Online Backup Systems include –

* Data is encrypted to ensure maximum security. Data is to be encrypted before it is sent across the internet, and it should be stored in its encrypted state. Encryption should be at least 256 bits, and the user should have the option of using his/her own encryption key, which should never be sent to the server.

* Network backup system can back up multiple computers, servers, etc on a local area network from a single device.

* Back ups can be taken continuously or on a predefined schedule.

* Some services allow users to access the files over normal web browsers, though most do not provide such functionality.

* User-selectable option to select bandwidth usage. It is possible to set this to change at various times of day.

* Users can restore files themselves, without assistance from a service provider, by searching them based on file names and folder names.

Some of the popular Online back up systems are


Barracuda Backup Service

Comodo backup



There is a clutter of online backup service providers, most guaranteeing unique features for security and user friendliness. Some factors to be considered while choosing a back up system are

Security Probably the most important aspect to consider when choosing a back up system is Security. For most people security of their data is a concern while transfer over the internet and storage in a remote server. Data has to be encrypted and access should be password protected.

Support It is ideal to choose a provider who assures 24×7 online support, with clear indication on how long it would take to respond to a quire. You may need emergency assistance and turn around time is crucial in such cases.

Space Most providers offer enough free storage space. But if you run a large business and need more space, make sure the provider offers the space at a good price per month. With some of the popular storage companies, you can get unlimited backup space very cheaply.

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