We offer a wide variation of custom technical support plans for datacenters, NOCs and dedicated server providers. We offer plans based on nature of operations, type of servers (managed/unmanaged servers) and services you want to offer to your clients.
SupportPRO will be transparent to your users. Our certified server administrators will manage, administer and monitor your clients servers on your behalf. Whether you have 10 servers or 10000 servers, supportPRO can add value to your service offering.
Given below are a few of the services included in our normal package for dedicated server providers. This plans are customizable to suite your offering.

  • Installing and configure new servers
  • Network Monitoring and Restoration
  • Installing Softwares, Scripts, Control Panels
  • Upgrading Software and Applying Patches
  • Configuration Changes
  • Control Panel Upgrades
  • Log Files Interpretation
  • Installing/Updating Firewalls
  • Installing Secure (SSL) Certificates
  • Restarting Services
  • Rebooting by Contacting Data Center
  • Monthly Server Reports
  • DNS Issues
  • Backup Configuration
  • Kernel Upgrades
  • PHP Installation/Configuration/Upgrade
  • Installation of Other Services
  • Security Settings
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