If you are an eCommerce business, chances are your customers and potential customers requires sales and customer support around the clock. So you need to provide customer support and pre-sales support round the clock. We can help you to maintain a round the clock support team. We offer support plans based on your business requirements.

Dedicated Support Technician: We can provide a team to cover your tech support, pre sales and billing questions from your clients. The sales team can be 24 hours a day to 8 hours a day . The dedicated technician will be working exclusively for you. So they will be familiar with your services, systems and clients You can check with your team anytime. Your dedicated team can interface with your clients through email, helpdesk, Instant messengers and live chat. Cost of a 24/7 dedicated team is $3200 per month. A single support engineer can be hired for $850 per month for any shift.

Web Development : Our web programmers can create a product based on your requirements. This could be developing a software product from scratch or adding features to an existing product.

Server Management: SupportPRO will monitor and manage your Linux and widows servers so that they are always secure, optimal and up.

Custom Plans: Have something else in mind? We can create a service plan that meets your requirements. Lets know what we can do to make your business a success.

  • Friendly atmosphere for easy interaction you and our team.
  • Cheaper than maintaining in-house tech support team.
  • Support team is trained on your line of business, systems and processes
  • Intellectual Property protection assured
  • Flexible timing likes 4 hours , 8 hours , 12 hours and 24 hours
  • Available 24/7

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