We monitor your servers around the clock to reboot them if necessary by contacting the data center. If your server goes down during the night, a text alert will be sent to your cell phone or email. Our sophisticated monitoring systems will monitor your servers from different locations continuously.

Our dedicated technicians monitor your servers 24/7 and receive alerts when we need to reboot your servers to make sure they are online. All we need for this is your data center contact and reboot permissions. We also make it a point to keep in touch with your data center until your servers are up and running.

  • Red Hat and Microsoft Certified Engineers
  • Excellent language skills for worry-free communication
  • Cost-effective plans for skilled technicians
  • Personalized training for your unique business processes and policies
  • Flexible shift timing to cover your ideal service requirements
  • Available 24/7
  • Service Level Agreements and Non-Disclosure Agreements are provided before service begins

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