We offer TRANSPARENT, OUTSOURCED, TECHNICAL SUPPORT for web hosting companies. In short we will take care of your clients for you as you would. But the clients would never know of our presence. SupportPRO's services are designed to specially meet the needs of small and large web hosting companies. Hosting companies sometimes desire there was lesser customer support to deal with so they could focus on business development and increase company revenue, instead of being bogged down by constant queries from existing customers. Unfortunately not maintaining the highest levels of customer support results in loss of existing accounts. You already know how hard it is to acquire new clients. So you should keep the clients you have by providing the best service they deserve. When you sign up for one of our plans, we get the required information to handle your support tickets and our team takes over the technical support for your company while providing complete transparency, so your customer has no reason to think another company is involved in handling the support. This service is provided at highly competitive rates, that help web hosting companies not only improve the quality of their customer support, but also improve your bottom line, leaving more resources to grow your business.
Our major services are categorized as below