Ticket Support

We have two ticket plans for your hosting business. You can choose the best plan that suites your business requirements. Note that these plans are only for Shared and Reseller hosting business

Monthly Ticket Plans - Per Ticket

This is perfect for you if you have small hosting operations with low number of technical support queries from your clients. It also works perfect if you just want to take some time off from your routine of technical support. We will take care of your hosting clients when you are gone.

Plan Features

a) Support for any number of servers.
b) Support for any number of domains.
c) 24 hours, 7 days a week support.
d) 30 minutes average response
e) 6 hour average resolution.
f) Support for pre-sales issues.
g) Rebooting by contacting D.C.
h) Monthly ticket usage reports.

Plan Rates

$ 125 per pack of 50 tickets
$ 200 per pack of 100 tickets
$ 350 per pack of 200 tickets
additional tickets above 200 are charged at $ 1.65 per ticket
Important Note:- Tickets purchased are valid only for TWO months from the date of purchase. Any unused tickets will not be carried over beyond 2 months.

Monthly Ticket Plans - Per Server

This is our most popular plan. This would be perfect for larger growing businesses. You can add more servers to the plan or deduct as your business changes. We have two options for the plan depending on number of domains you have per server.

Plan Features

a) Support for any number of technical tickets
b) 24 hours support 7 days week.
c) 30 minutes average response
d) 6 hour average resolution

Plan Rates

$150 per month per server for up to 250 domains
$250 per month per server for up to 500 domains

Available Plans

    Monthly Ticket Support
50 tickets/month
    Monthly Ticket Support
100 tickets/month
    Monthly Ticket Support
200 tickets/month
    Monthly Ticket Support
More than 200 tickets/month
[ 200 Tickets + *  Pack]

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