Web design and development companies are under pressure to deliver more for less. SupportPRO can help you to meet your web programming projects for your clients. We offer a wide variety of custom plans to complement your existing development team or use us as the exclusive developers.

  • Expertise in PHP/MySQL, ASP, Asp.Net, XML,C#, MSSQL
  • Constant communication and reports on projects
  • More efficient than maintaining an in-house development team
  • The team is trained on your line of business, systems, and processes
  • Intellectual Property protection assured
  • Transparency of Service

SupportPRO can help you out in a few ways.

Project Basis: If you need a web programming project done for your client, we can do it for you. We will provide a fixed quote and schedule based on the project scope. We will communicate with you to maintain confidentiality. The cost per project varies. Project management will be done through our Chicago office so that we can easily communicate status and issues. The hourly rates start at $22/hour based on size, technology, urgency, etc.

Dedicated Programmers: If you expect long-term projects or a number of smaller projects, we can modify existing programs. You can hire our programmers on a monthly basis. Depending on the experience and technology, the cost per web developer would vary from $2,400 to $3,800 a month.

Server Management: SupportPRO will monitor and manage your Linux and Windows servers so that they are always secure, optimal, and up-to-date.

Tech support for hosting customers receive extra income from providing web hosting to your clients. SupportPRO will take care of your technical support 24/7.

Custom Plans: Have something else in mind? We can create a service plan that meets your requirements. Let us know what we can do to make your business a success.

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