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ConfigServer Mail Queue on WHM/Cpanel Server

by Bella

The Config Server Mail Queue is an addon feature available with cPanel/WHM which provides with a full-featured interface to the cPanel exim email queues from within WHM. The add-on feature provides with an interface to the cPanel user accounts email configuration without having to log in to their accounts. It is domain-based rather than account-based.


  • View, edit and delete email accounts, email forwarders and email filters.
  • View and modify email account quotas
  • Modify email account passwords
  • List only email accounts that are over quota
  • Modify Outgoing Mail Hourly Limits
  • List only email accounts that are over a specified size
  • View the total number of emails in an email account
  • Empty an email account
  • View emails in an email account
  • Individually delete emails in an email account


The latest version of config server mail queue can be downloaded from https://download.configserver.com/cmq.tgz

1. Upload the cmq.tgz file to your server

2. Untar the distribution:

#tar -xzf cmq.tgz

3. cd into the directory created and run the install script:

#cd cmq/
#sh install.sh

4. Login to WHM

>> Select plugins
>> Select ConfigServer mail queues

Config server mail queue manage section

Config server manage section have options that help to sort the mails based on our preference. Checkboxes are availed that help to sort out the frozen mails, bounce mails, incoming mails, outgoing mails etc.

Also, there are search options availed with email subject, Emails older than etc.

Output based on search preferences

In this section, message-ids of emails are listed with the information such as age, size details and from, to address of each email are listed. Here there are options to delete email, deliver email and view the delivery log of email which is obtained from the exim_mainlog file.

Delivery log

An actual message with complete message headers and message body are availed when we click on the message-id.


>> Login to the server

#cd /usr/src
#rm -fv /usr/src/cmq.tgz
#wget http://download.configserver.com/cmq.tgz
#tar -xzf cmq.tgz
#cd cmq
#sh uninstall.sh
#rm -Rfv /usr/src/cmq*


When we manage shared hosting one of the things that we are commonly facing are out of control mail queues.

This plugin gives you a graphical interface and helps to manage mail queues and delete excess emails without removing legitimate mail.

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