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CloudLinux is one of the widely used Operating System nowadays due to the high-level stability and advanced server security it provides, which makes it the first preference for hosting providers, especially in a shared hosting environment.

LVE (Lightweight Virtual Environment) is a kernel-level technology developed by the CloudLinux team. It is lightweight and transparent. The goal of LVE is to make sure that no single website can bring down your web server.

The kernel makes sure that all LVEs get a fair share of the server’s resources, and that no customer can use more than the limits set for that customer.

Today we can limit CPU, Memory (virtual and physical), IO, number of processes as well as the number of entry processes (concurrent connections to apache) on user-specific.

One of the best ways to monitor current usage of users is “lvetop” , which is similar to the ‘top’ tool we are familiar with.

It will show you CPU, Memory, Entry Processes and other usages for a particular account in real-time, as below :

 ID     EP    PNO    TNO     SPEED      MEM         IO       IOPS

user1     0      3      3        5%                 137              4          1

user2     0      2      2        1%            130              3          1

user3      0      1      1        0%           15              0          0

user4      0      1      1        0%           22              0          0

lvetop fields:

ID        user name if LVE id matches user id in /etc/passwd, or LVE id

EP        number of entry processes (concurrent scripts executed)

PNO        number of processes within LVE

TNO        number of threads within LVE

CPU        CPU usage by LVE, relative to total CPU resources of the server

MEM    Memory usage by LVE, in KB

I/O        I/O usage

IOPS   number of read/write operations per second

In this way, we can monitor and locate the account hitting the Entry Processes via command line.

A GUI interface of this tool is present in WHM as well :

WHM Home » Server Configuration » CloudLinux LVE Manager

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