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Adminer is a fully featured database management tool written in PHP. Adminer is an alternative to phpMyAdmin where we can manage content in MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, PostgreSQL databases effectively.

Adminer Features

> Basic functions : Add/remove/modify the databases and tables
> Modify database objects (views, triggers, procedures, user permissions, variables, processes etc.)
> Execute SQL commands from a text field or a file.
> Import and export databases and tables.
> Export database, data, structure, views, routines to SQL or CSV.


> Apache webserver
> Supports PHP 5 with enabled sessions
> Database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB, etc.)

Installation of Adminer in Linux

Download the latest source file and extract it in the document root :

[root@demo public_html]# wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/adminer/adminer-4.0.2.zip
[root@demo public_html]# unzip adminer-4.0.2.zip
[root@demo public_html]# chown -R nobody. adminer-4.0.2

Finally, open and point to your browser at ‘adminer‘ directory.


Enter your username and password of your database to login into a panel.

login page of adminer

Creating a database :

Creating a database in adminer

Thus the database has been created.

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