Amazon Honeycode – A no-code Web App Builder

In this busy world, we always aim and lookout for ways to manage our work-life effectively. Here comes the role of an app that helps you achieve your goals. With the help of Amazon Honeycode that doesn’t require any programming skills, you could easily manage your tasks, your projects, and your team.

The key feature that makes it outstanding is its ability for anybody in a company to develop their own applications. All of this is backed by a database in AWS and a web-based, drag-and-drop interface builder. With the introduction of  Amazon Honeycode, almost anyone is capable of creating their own customised mobile and web applications without actually writing code.


  • Stay in the loop:- You could always stay updated and pass any modifications made using this app instantly. This could easily be shared among the team.
  • Personalize the experience:- You could customise your custom Honeycode app specific to each team members so it helps them see only the necessary data and nothing more.
  • Automate manual steps:- Configure your custom Honeycode app to notify the team at that instant itself during emergency situations and take immediate actions when necessary.
  • Make it mobile:- Set up and customise your app for web browsers and mobile devices such that your team can work from anywhere in the world.


The primary motive behind developing this tool is to make the work more productive and this paves way for the employees to save time since they become less dependent on their internal app development teams. The basic advantage expected is to push the power of AWS out to all those people in the line of business who wish to customise their apps but are lacking the required skill sets.
Amazon expects that the essential use should be utilized for applications and sites inside organizations, however, Honeycode could likewise be used for public-facing apps and websites.


The service relies on the familiar interface of a spreadsheet with an underlying AWS database, allowing data to be linked, filtered and sorted to create interactive and data-driven applications. Users can easily create dynamic views and dashboards that are updated in real-time something that is hard to do even with powerful relational databases. The service is free for applications with up to 20 users and beyond that is chargeable.

The goal with honey code implemented a spreadsheet-like interface which is familiar to everyone and serves as a good starting point for business analysts, project managers, program managers, etc.

Applications assembled utilising Amazon Honeycode leverage the full force and scale of AWS, and can undoubtedly scale up to 100,000 rows in each workbook, without clients agonizing over having to worry about building, managing, and maintaining the underlying hardware and software.


Empowers clients to fabricate apps for customer relationship management, inventory tracking, to-do lists, or schedule events.


The launch of Amazon Honeycode is part of a wider effort by the company to expand beyond the core infrastructure and platform services that initially made its cloud computing technologies so popular. By doing so, Amazon believes that it can protect its position as the leading public cloud platform from the challenge of rivals such as Google LLC and Microsoft Corp.

This would, of course, be a revolutionary product in terms of bringing the power of AWS and putting it in the hands of people who are not coders. Slack and SmugMug will be two of Honeycode’s earliest users looking forward to building apps for their teams. At present, partners can sign up and start to learn, build and use Honeycode.

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