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AWS CloudWatch-AWS monitoring tool


AWS Cloudwatch is an AWS monitoring tool that will help us to monitor the cloud resources. Also, it gives a detailed report for the cloud resource usage. Amazon CloudWatch has an open application programming interface (API) support with customized reports, notifications, and alarms.

In Amazon CloudWatch, there is no up-front commitment or minimum fee. It will be charged at the end of the month for what we use.

Using cloudwatch, we can track the below metrics.

  • CPU usage
  • CPU latency
  • Network traffic
  • Available storage space
  • Memory
  • Customer performance counters

AWS also provides access application logs and it allows to create alarms when the metrics reach near to the pre-defined hit limit. Dashboards can also be created to display graphs and statistics for both up to the minute and historical data.

Here is an example of an alarm that will send a notification email when the CPU Utilization metrics is greater than or equal to 90%.



Amazon CloudWatch provides monitoring the entire AWS infrastructure which is described below:
• Virtual instances hosted in Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)
• Databases hosted in Amazon RDS (Relational Database Services)
• Data stored in Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)
• Elastic Load Balancers
• Other AWS resources



>Access all your data from a single platform.

>Pay as per our use.

>Amazon CloudWatch enables you to set high-resolution alarms and take automated actions.

>Monitoring your AWS resources is easy with Amazon CloudWatch.


How Amazon CloudWatch Works

Workcycle of Amazon CloudWatch


AWS Cloud computing resources are housed in highly available data center facilities. Each data center facility is located in a specific geographical area termed as a region. This enables additional reliability and scalability. In order to gain the greatest possible failure isolation and stability, each region is designed to be completely isolated from the other regions. Amazon CloudWatch does not aggregate data across regions and hence the metrics are completely separate between regions.

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