How Does an Online Support Ticketing System Works

What is a ticketing system

A ticketing system has evolved as a pretty dynamic tool that can be used to manage customers support tickets as well as in tasks such as assisting in generating invoices. A major advantage of a ticketing system is that it is easy to set up and simple to use both for the administrators, who manages it and also for the customers. Another advantage of an online support ticket is the ease with which it can be managed and how it facilitates to track cases and provides a history of tickets.

The ticketing system indicates ticket status as open, closed and pending tickets. It can also be used for mass emailing; which is often used to inform all clients of updates or to send across newsletters and promotional emails to all customers. Another feature of a ticketing system is its flexible permissions. With this, you assign a particular task to any particular staff. This can also be used to divide the tasks into various departments.

How does a ticketing system work

You would need to install a ticketing system on to your server or website. All you need is a web server that can support PHP and MySQL. After the ticketing system is installed and published on your website, it should be ready to use.

Almost all the ticketing systems need users to sign up/register to the ticketing system or helpdesk. You would just need to give your name, email address and a password. Once registered, a validation email will be sent to your email address. Your account will be enabled once the validation is over.

After this, the customers can select the type of department to which their query needs to send and can create tickets. Here a ticket means, booking of an issue or a complaint. If a user has an issue, he submits a ticket with details of the issue. Usually, each issue is considered to be individual tickets and each of them has individual tickets ID’s. There can be a lot of departments in a company that owns the helpdesk or the ticketing system. It can be of the following:

Technical support

Customer support

Billing department

Sales department

Abuse department

Please be sure to select the correct department according to your requirement. This saves a lot of time in resolving your issue.

Users can also create tickets via phone and email apart creating directly from the website. After the ticket has been created, the incoming tickets are saved in the database for future references. This is known as the history of a ticket. An agent or the customer can easily go and see the history of the ticket as long as his registration is active.

The incoming tickets are then passed on to the corresponding agents and they help the users to resolve their issue.

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