Amazon Echo Vs Google Home : Cloud + AI


It was history when Apple bought Siri and introduced in iPhone 4s. From that, we were dreaming about a perfect virtual assistant who can play music, help meetings, and dinners etc. The best part is giving you a best friend, who knows your favorite food, football team, sports car and everything.

Amazon Alexa and Google Home is a mature version of Siri. Hardware got enhanced and the combination of AI & Cloud helps to bring precise results for users.


I believe Google Home can bring better results than Amazon Alexa, coz the whole world is running around Google Data. Every moment google is collecting data from your email, calendar, stock app, restaurant check-in etc. This will help google algorithms to predict your future and reply your queries.


The major part of virtual assistants is AI and Cloud. How accurately AI works and cloud pushes and process data will determine the accuracy of its replies.

On their own, Home and Pixel have merit but don’t really stand out next to Amazon’s Echo or Apple’s iPhone 7. What makes them interesting is Assistant, which is controlled through simple voice commands and offers a more conversational style than Apple’s Siri.

That’s where the AI comes in. Assistant “learns” about your habits and day-to-day activities and carries out “conversation actions” to serve you. It also draws on information in your Google accounts. The more it knows about how, when, and where it is used, the more it’s able to help you.

For now, Google is only offering Assistant on the Pixel, Google Home, and the messaging app Allo. But they will eventually allow third-party developers to use Assistant with their apps.

While Assistant shows us a glimpse of a future of omnipresent AI studying our habits to better serve us, it also raises privacy concerns. Having an ever-present, artificially intelligent program looking through your contacts, your phone, your habits, and your daily life is a major decrease in privacy.

Google gets the bulk of its revenue in ads, and it seems like that will continue with Assistant. With more information thanks to their new AI product, Google will be able to craft even better ad campaigns.

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