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Case Study : Helpdesk Support Implementation

by SupportPRO Manager

Over the past 14 years, SupportPRO has been working with numerous web hosting companies to provide a seamless ticket support experience for their customers.  The companies range from startups to major players in the web hosting industry. Since the beginning, the essence of the SupportPRO business model has been to help web hosting companies provide white-labelled support, serving as a central pillar in their day-to-day operations and customer interaction.

In this case-study, we are not talking about just one company specifically, but about numerous companies and how they were able to strike the right cord with our Helpdesk Plan to bring about a huge difference in their business.

Download the Case Study here  to read about how SupportPRO has matured its process over the years to bring a value-driven support ideology.

At SupportPRO, we believe in delivering value-based services that are measured on their return on investment to our customers. Our Helpdesk plans are a direct example to showcase the amount of value that can be given to our customers through the correct implementation of an offshore solution.

If you want to try out our Helpdesk Support, just drop in a mail to sales@supportpro.com and go for our 14 days Free Trial.

If you require help, contact SupportPRO Server Admin

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