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How to Use Raygun for Improving Web and Mobile App Performance

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Raygun is application software, which is used to discover and fix performance issues related to the applications. Raygun act as a central place to monitor their entire stack for problems affecting end-users and also, Raygun provides a complete set of problems as well as workflow tools which allow the user to fix the issues quickly, that tends to improve end-user experiences.

Raygun has a feature called crash reporting, which automatically capture, analyze, track, and solve the error. It makes the users capable enough to understand how end-users are experiencing their applications making them discover the root causes of slow page loads and other performance problems that are commonly experienced by the end-users.

Raygun supports various desktop, mobile, and web programming languages, including Java, Scala, .NET, Python, PHP, iOS, Android, and JavaScript. This software can monitor the applications and serve the complete sessions and error histories of every user. Raygun allows the end-users to track their deployments and releases of the applications. Also, users can verify whether they have fixed the issues and identify new issues that are being introduced in each and every deployment and release.


Who Needs Raygun & Why?

  • Development team: Raygun helps the development team to discover and recreate the issues affecting end users with accuracy and greater speed. Less than 1% of clients report a software bug they experienced. Raygun finds these mistakes, take care of your clients and prevent future software problems.


Why Do We Need Raygun?

  • Discover Errors  and Crash reporting

Raygun generates full stack traces which helps the end-users find each and every error and crashes in their stack.

The help of crash reporting features the end-users able to discover and fix the problems being experienced. Also, they will be able to find out the errors and other issues happening in a programming language such as .NET, Java, Scala, PHP, Python etc.

Raygun categorizes the bugs, errors formed into groups. Then these groups are classified into active, resolved, resolved in a particular version, ignored, and permanently ignored so that the customer can analyze the status of the error and way to address or solve the issue. They will get warning/notifications dependent on these error groups also. For instance, they will get warnings/notifications when a settled mistake happens once more.


  • Error Prioritizing  And Using Inbound Filters

Raygun has the ability to use inbound filters and these filters are used to filter error depending on the hostname, version, IP address, machine name, etc.. Here the users will be able to focus on the errors that will directly affect their customers.


  • Share and Schedule Crash Reports

At the point when clients catch mistakes and crashes, Raygun permits them to produce errors/crashes reports that contain the particular information they need to focus on. These errors/crashes reports can likewise be planned so they can be run regularly dependent on the timespans they determined.


Alternatives of Raygun

  1. Rollbar
  2. StackHunter
  3. Sentry
  4. OverOps
  5. Airbrake
  6. BugSnag


How Does Raygun Differ from Other Similar Applications?

  • Full-text search: Error groups and all collected data is searchable.
  • Error grouping: Each occurrence of a bug is presented within one group with access to single instances of it, including its stack trace.
  • View application activity:  It displays every action on an error group.
  • Affected users: Counts of affected users appear corresponding to each error.
  • External integrations: Application can be integrated with external integrations like Github, Bitbucket, Asana, JIRA etc.
  • Visualizations and level of detail: Delivers a deeper level of detail when compared to other error tracking tools and delivers good graph visualizations.

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