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SupportPRO Engineer Won 1st Rank in Cpanel University Leaderboard

by SupportPRO Admin
Cpanel University- Sebin Xavier

Cpanel University Leaderboard

Sebin Xavi, the systems engineer of SupportPRO, has bagged the 1st rank in Cpanel University Leaderboard.  Congratulations on completing the requirements for your CPANEL & WHM SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR  CERTIFICATION. Doing all of that extra work while continuing in your full-time position was extremely ambitious and took a lot of effort and dedication on your part.

We are sure it was worth it all, knowing that your achievement will make such a positive difference in your career path.

cPanel & WHM Administrator Certification

This exam covers the important concepts and topics needed for a WHM administrator. It includes 50 questions randomly selected from a larger question pool. The candidate must get at least 90% of these questions correctly in order to get a passing score and certification for this course. Candidates will have 90 minutes to complete the exam.

cPanel & WHM Administrator Certification (CWA)

The cPanel & WHM Administrator Certification tests our employees on their knowledge of server administration, including email troubleshooting, web stack setup, custom DNS configurations and administration of SQL engines through WHM.

We’re very pleased that our expertise in cPanel and WHM is the best of any company that participates in the cPanel University training program. As you can see from the leaderboard below, we’re the number one, all-time experts in cPanel and WHM.

Cpanel University Score Board

cPanel University Leaderboard

cPanel University

To guarantee their products are managed in the most excellent, cPanel has set up a ‘university’ which offers a range of courses for IT professionals. At the end of each session, the professionals take a severe 90-minute examination and, if they pass, certification is accomplished.

These are not simple exams to pass. The passing score is 90% and, globally, less than 25% of exams taken have resulted in a pass being given.

The cPanel and WHM qualifications

To support and guide our customers,  SupportPRO employees take three different exams, two of them are technical exams and one is a sales exam. Here’s a brief about each of them.

Technical exams

Cpanel University’s technical exams were created to build professional standards in cPanel, WHM troubleshooting, and support.

They make sure that those who have passed the exam have the required technical ability to work with the programs. IT professionals are examined on everything from general Linux knowledge to in-depth cPanel and WHM troubleshooting tools and techniques.
The two technical certificates we take are the cPanel & WHM Administrator Certification and the cPanel & WHM Systems Administrator I Certification

cPanel & WHM Administrator Certification

The cPanel & WHM Administrator Certification tests our staffs on their knowledge of server administration, ranging from web stack set-up to email troubleshooting, to custom DNS configurations and to the administration of SQL engines through WHM.

cPanel & WHM Systems Administrator I Certification

The cPanel and WHM Systems Administrator  Exam needs our staffs to have extensive knowledge of how to manage a cPanel and WHM server from the command line. This proves their knowledge in utilizing cPanel provided scripts, troubleshooting common problems and safely handling an entire server.

Sales advice exams
If someone calls us for the recommendation about the best hosting services for their requirements, it’s crucial that we can provide expert advice on the control panels and server management programs we use. Because of this reason, our staffs also take the cPanel and WHM Sales Certification. This exam covers the features, benefits and technical management of cPanel and WHM, enabling us to give detailed guidance about helping you choose a cPanel and WHM server, VPS or cloud hosting.

How good is SupportPRO in cPanel & WHM?

Most of our server admins go through cPanel and other control panel training. As cPanel is used by the majority of our clients, we make sure our techs are uptodate with Cpanel changes. We’re very satisfied that our proficiency in cPanel and WHM.

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