Webmail loading blank page OR not able to login

Issue :

While accessing Webmail via Squirrelmail, Horde or Roundcube if you are receiving a blank screen or if all the three mail clients tells that the login failed because of wrong user or password, please have a check with the below steps:

Solution :

1. Run the following command in root SSH:

#/scripts/whoowns domain.com

Where domain.com is the domain name in question.

2. If it doesn’t show any ownership, then move the following files:

#cd /etc

#mv userdomains userdomains.bak

#mv domainusers domainusers.bak

#mv trueuserdomains trueuserdomains.bak

At that point, run the following script and recheck ownership for the domain:


#/scripts/whoowns domain.com

If instead of showing no ownership, the domain showed the wrong ownership, you’d have to edit the /var/cpanel/users/username file that is improperly owning the domain to remove the DNS line that it has for that domain, then run the above move and updateuserdomains commands.

If after running the command /scripts/whoowns domain.com, you are receiving the below error:


warn [updateuserdomains] Unable to read /etc/trueuserdomains: No such file or directory

warn [updateuserdomains] Unable to read /etc/userdomains: No such file or directory


Serious Problem — This should never happen!!

The hostname (domain.tld) is owned by the user <username>



the error will be due to the conflict between hostname and the account.

You’ve set your hostname for the machine to the same domain as this cPanel account. Since the hostname is owned by nobody, it cannot also be owned by username.

Please go to WHM > Change Hostname area and change your hostname to server.domain.tld instead of domain.tld.

After you’ve changed the hostname to be a subdomain off the main domain rather than the main domain itself, then re-do the steps I noted to move those files again and run /scripts/updateuserdomains at that point.

The ownership should be properly set after you get the hostname off your main domain name.

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