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What to choose? Jenkins or Bamboo

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Software Engineering concepts of continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment are the main concepts attributed to CI/CD. This enables automation in building, testing and deployment of applications. Though a real CI/CD pipeline is not easy to build the right tools could help to keep it more manageable. In this blog, we compare Jenkins and Bamboo.

Jenkins and Bamboo are two of the leading automation servers having plugins built for continuous integration concept. Both these are developers’ tools to integrate the codes. These tools are generally used for automatically building, integrating the codes on the automation servers.


Jenkins is an automation tool built with over 1400 plugins for alternative software system tools. Jenkins is built for Continuous Integration purposes. By the use of the concept of automation the startups and hyper-growth companies accelerate the software development process. In general, the Jenkins build and test software projects and makes it easy for developers to integrate the required changes to the project. Jenkins is an open source with free pricing.


  1. Jenkins is an open source software.
  2. Jenkin is free of cost. No payment required.
  3. Jenkins is built with the java programming language.
  4. The supported operating systems for Jenkins are windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu, Redhat.
  5. As an open source it has a lot of support from different communities.
  6. It supported by plugins

Jenkins is an Open Source software used to develop the codes. Continuous Integration is the concept behind these deployment tools. The invention of Jenkins became a trademark on software development. The Jenkins have an advantage that the developers can test and deploy the codes any time using the Jenkins.

Before the Jenkins the developers submitted the codes on random times and the test failed codes were returned only on production deployment. After the invention of Jenkins the codes were tested on the server before the production and return the codes to the developer if failed. Also, the error line is also being mentioned by the Jenkins server to the developers.

Also, Jenkins is free of cost built with the java programming language.

Jenkins is a project which supports the global community where Bamboo is not supported.


Bamboo is an automation server used for Continuous Integration with a concept of an app for deployment which was developed by Atlassian in 2007. Bamboo is not an open source tool and it is a paid tool for developing the codes. The advantage of Bamboo is, it can use straightforward and users will add multiple tasks in less time. It has a flexibility of different tools and has a better graphical user interface.


  1. Bamboo is not an open-source software.
  2. Bamboo is a chargeable tool and it depends on the build agent.
  3. Bamboo is built with the java programming language.
  4. The supported operating systems for Jenkins are windows, Linux, Solaris.
  5. It does not support many plugins compared to Jenkins.
  6. It is not supported by many communities compared to Jenkins.

Bamboo is not an open source software, It is chargeable too depending on the built tool. Bamboo is also built with a programming language. Continuous integration is the concept for bamboo also. Testing is the key part of the Continuous Integration. Bamboo offers first-class delivery by the concept of continuous integration. Compared to the Jenkins the Bamboo provides more user-friendly approaches. The Bamboo does not support many plugins compared to Jenkins.

Bamboo is not supported by the global community where it has its own dedicated team for its development

The CI/CD and DevOps trends will continue to evolve and choices are wide. The right tool choice depends on your requirement, available infrastructure, as well as future potential and improvement factors.


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