Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

VPC enables us to launch Amazon services to a Virtual network. This virtual network is owned by its own data centers with the benefits of using AWS services.

In each account by default, VPC is already configured. The default VPC is used for testing purposes. The custom VPC is used for more secure network defined in the private subnet. The instances created in default VPC can’t communicate by default. Hardware VPN connection is used for connecting instance to the data center. Continue reading…

Configure Backups to S3

1. Servers having a cPanel control panel


In the WHM console, click Backup Configuration, and scroll to the bottom looking for additional destinations. Select Amazon S3 in the Destination Type and Create a new destination.

In the configuration page for this destination, give it a name and select the box that says transfer system backups to destination. (It says you should only do this if your connection is encrypted. Amazon S3 is an encrypted connection.)

Enter the name of the bucket, Access Key ID, and Secret Access Key.

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AWS Elastic Beanstalk

By using Elastic Beanstalk we can easily manage applications in the AWS Cloud without affecting the infrastructure on the applications. With this, we can manage all of the resources that run on the application as environments. It will reduce the risks in managing applications without restricting choices and the control, as we can simply upload the applications and Beanstalk will automatically handle the load balancing, scaling, application health monitoring and capacity provisioning.

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Stackify is a developer-friendly solution that helps developers to manage and troubleshoot application or coding issues with integrated monitoring and error logs. Along with the solutions to monitor and manage their applications’ performance, it also provides a cloud-based solution that provides insights about the application’s performance.

In the industry, most of the application monitoring solutions are designed for IT infrastructure. But Stackify is purely designed for developers and it became trending as it combines application logging and code profiling together. It helps software developers in troubleshooting and provides support with a suite of implements including Prefix and Retrace. Continue reading…