SupportPro at Japan IT Week (Autumn)

SCOVER1SupportPro – Enhancing Web Hosting Business Worldwide!

We, at SupportPro., cordially invite you to visit us at Japan’s Largest IT Business Platform in Autumn! With our years of experience in the web hosting industry, we have helped more than 1000+ companies to resolve their diverse web hosting challenges. SupportPRO offers expert tech support for Web Hosting Companies and enterprise clients in Japan and across the world. headquartered in Deerfield, in the suburbs of Chicago, is a part of Armia Systems, Inc, an Illinois Corporation. Since we at, SupportPRO understands the complete business processes in the web hosting business, we can relate to your needs and work with you to understand your specific business requirements and incorporate them into our support processes.

Why SupportPro?

  1. One of the Largest Server Management Company with 100+ Full -Time Employees
  2. 15+ Years of experience
  3. More than 51,000 Servers Handled
  4. Dedicated Cloud Management Team
  5. Dedicated Software Development Team
  6. 3 Months In-house Training Program

What makes us different?

  • 24/7 Emergency Helpline – Are you finding it difficult to provide uninterrupted support 24*7?
  • Well trained RHCE, cPanel, AWS, Azure and Microsoft Certified Professionals – Are you receiving support from qualified professionals with expertise in handling Linux and Windows Servers?
  • 14 Min Average Response time – Do you find it difficult to respond instantly to clients?
  • Average Resolution Hours 6hrs – Is your resolution time at par with Industry standards?
  • Highly Secured Infrastructure – Do you have a secure infrastructure?
  • Flexible timing likes 4 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours – Are you capable of providing flexible timings to your clients?
  • Intellectual Property protection assured – Is your Intellectual Property secure as required?



Click Here To Schedule a face to face meeting with our CEO, Mr. Abraham on 8,9 or 10th November 2017 at Japan IT Week.


Call : (312) 423-6728




2018: The year cloud hosting goes mainstream

Web hosting has remained virtually unchanged since the first days of the Internet in 1991: This despite the fact that conventional hosting model has many weaknesses.

Conventional Hosting is Broken

Pragmatists will say we don’t need cloud hosting, quoting the adage, ‘If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it,’ but this doesn’t apply because traditional hosting models have always had problems.

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Server Monitoring Tools

Your web and mobile applications are expected run flawlessly round the clock. To make sure they run as expected you need server monitoring tools to watch your servers and applications. Also, you need people and process in place to address alerts from these tools any time of the day or week.

Open source tools are sometimes too basic to monitor a system on which a business relies. On the other hand, they can be useful toolkits that a development team can use to build exactly the type of monitoring tool they need. Of course, that team would have to have one or more members willing to manage and maintain the monitoring system they build.

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IBM’s New Data Transfer Device Overcomes Cloud Migration Hurdles

One of the barriers for enterprises storing data in the cloud is data migration, a process that has traditionally been slow and costly, hindered by network limitations. IBM wants to remove this barrier for its customers with a new cloud migration solution designed for moving massive amounts of data to the cloud.

IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration is a shippable storage device, which offers 120 TB and uses AES 256-bit encryption. The device also uses RAID-6 to ensure data integrity and is shock-proof. The device is flat-rate and includes overnight round-trip shipping.

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