Ceph symbol


Ceph is an Open Source Distributed storage solution and it puts together to simplify the highly scalable object, file-based storage and block under one whole system.

Ceph supports both scale-up and scale-out using economical commodity hardware. Clusters of Ceph are constructed with the help of an algorithm called CRUSH (Controlled Replication Under Scalable Hashing) in order to run commodity hardware. Continue reading…

New Relic for Performance Monitoring


New Relic is a web application tool that monitors the performance from the end user experience through servers. As it is designed to work in real time with the live web application it provides flexible and dynamic server monitoring. Also, the New Relic infrastructure is designed in such a way that it suites for modern operations with fast-changing systems.

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How to Use Raygun for Improving Web and Mobile App Performance


Raygun is application software, which is used to discover and fix performance issues related to the applications. Raygun act as a central place to monitor their entire stack for problems affecting end-users and also, Raygun provides a complete set of problems as well as workflow tools which allow the user to fix the issues quickly, that tends to improve end-user experiences. Continue reading…