GitLab for CI/CD


GitLab, as you know is a web-based DevOps tool that offers functionality to automate entire lifecycle spanning from planning to creation, build, verify, testing, deploying, etc.

GitLab CI/CD is a built-in tool of GitLab that allows you to apply major methods of Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment etc to your software. Thus any third-party applications or integrations is not needed. This blog gives you an insight on GitLab CI/CD tool for continuous software development methodologies. Continue reading…


Gradle is an advanced general purpose build management system written in Groovy. Gradle has a highly-customizable dependency resolution engine, visual build inspection and debugging tools, and many work avoidance mechanisms. Using Gradle, we can develop apps to microservices for small startups to big enterprises faster. The Enterprise edition of Gradle provides remote caching and test artifacts across the team to speed up the build. Continue reading…


Ceph symbol


Ceph is an Open Source Distributed storage solution and it puts together to simplify the highly scalable object, file-based storage and block under one whole system.

Ceph supports both scale-up and scale-out using economical commodity hardware. Clusters of Ceph are constructed with the help of an algorithm called CRUSH (Controlled Replication Under Scalable Hashing) in order to run commodity hardware. Continue reading…